If you're not familiar with this environment, the wikispaces.com help is quite good, but it's really just a matter of selecting the Edit button on the relevant page and using the basic editing tools you'll find in the toolbar that appears.

You'll notice that after the Home page, pages are listed in alphabetical order in the navigation bar. If you'd like to break your report up, feel free to add pages, but when naming them please number them so as to keep them together and in order, so adding a page to
(eg) 1 AFMA would mean naming it 1.1 Executive summary etc.


You can set up your preferences so that you receive an alert every time one or more pages are changed, or if there is any change to the wiki overall. Select the ellipsis on the page's toolbar to see your options.

Ellipsis button on page toolbar

Adding interest to your report

The page editing toolbar makes it pretty easy to add colour and interest to your report.

From your report page, choose the Edit button on the page's toolbar.
Edit button on page toolbar

A window opens in editing mode, with a toolbar allowing you to edit your text. Use the Widget button to see the other options available, like YouTube video, maps plus other generic Wikispaces types of content.

Editing toolbar

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