AFMA ePortfolio Migration Project 2012

Executive Summary

AFMA has been using an ePortfolio for the assessment of skills within our diploma program (FNS1011) since mid 2009. Having undertaken a review of ePortfolio systems available in 2008, we chose the Chalk & Wire system because it was designed as an assessment ePortfolio and offered the functionality that we were seeking.
Since the launch of the ePortfolio we have received feedback from our students on their expereince of using the ePortfolio. One criticism that we hear quite often is that the ePortfolio is not easy to navigate and that the architecture is unnecessarily complicated. Consequently we have decided to replace the ePortfolio with a new version based on Moodle. The goals of our project are as follows
  1. Determine effective and problematic aspects of the current Chalk & Wire ePortfolio
  2. Develop a new ePortfolio structure employing Moodle
  3. Migrate the AFMA ePortfoloi from Chalk & Wire to Moodle.

Organisational overview

The Australian Financial Markets Association (AFMA) is an industry association promoting efficiency, integrity and professionalism in Australian financial markets -- including capital, credit, derivatives, foreign exchange and other specialist markets. AFMA's membership is made up of Australian and international banks, brokers, fund managers, state government treasury corporations and other participants in the wholesale financial markets.AFMA is a registered training organisation and as part of its mission to promote best practice in financial markets, conducts professional development and accreditation courses for those working in financial markets. The accreditation courses are based on qualifications in FNS10.

AFMA’s e-portfolio implementation

Is it an off-the-shelf solution (please name and provide a reference), a custom development or a combination?
Can all data be readily exported for use outside the system?
Which file formats does it support?
Are there limitations regarding file size or e-portfolio size?
What ongoing costs are there (per head)?
Is it stand-alone or is it integrated with (eg) the organisation’s LMS or other system/s?
What kind of ICT support is required, both at implementation and ongoing?
What is the learning curve for learners and teaching staff?
What expertise did the organisation need to employ in the initial implementation?
What makes the implementation sustainable?

Outcomes of this longitudinal study

Can you provide any quantifiable evidence that learners have benefited through the use of e-portfolios over time? This can include pre-existing data where available and appropriate.
Can you provide any anecdotal evidence or survey response data from learners indicating that they perceive benefits (or otherwise) in the use of e-portfolios over time? What are those perceived benefits or drawbacks?

Lessons learned

What are the educational benefits and drawbacks your implementation?
What are the business benefits and drawbacks of your implementation?
In hindsight, what (if anything) would you have done differently?
In broad terms, what are the organisation’s plans for e-portfolios in the future?
Can you provide any other data or information that may be useful to the VET sector?

Resources and references

[Please provide references to any referenced identities or resources, eg software or hardware vendors, information resources etc]

Team contact information

Name, phone, email. (use [at] in place of @ to minimise spambot attacks)